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At GIOVANTI Travel we know very well that every trip has its own meaning, its own adventure, its own beauty. Our goal is to create the ideal conditions to convey the feeling of joy and security to those who trust us.

Our team combines expertise, courtesy, continuous training, friendly and at the same time professional service, ensuring the trust of the tourist public by building strong relationship.


Giovanti Travel Services

Our travel agents provide you with the most customized solutions to the services provided to you.

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Here you can book your business trip, with everything you need to spend an unforgettable stay, with immediate response that will satisfy even the most demanding business traveler.

There are things that make our services truly unique. From our dedicated and creative way of thinking to our fully trained associates, these are essentially the main pillars that turn the excellence of our services into reality.

Travel Services!

Business Travel

Our Team organizes your business travel needs and ensures the effectiveness and efficiency of your trip!

Marine & Offshore

Transportation of shipping companies’ crews and executives safely and responsibly!

Luxury Travel

Our travel agents offer quality services ensuring you the ideal conditions with a sense of luxury!

Leisure Travel & DMC

We create the ideal conditions for you to enjoy your trip to foreign destinations just like you have dreamed of!

Vip Travel

You can expect from our VIP agent and travel manager immediate response, loyalty, confidentiality and a high travel experience!


After 38 years of experience, Giovanti Travel provides you with comprehensive services for corporate events, exhibitions and conferences, achieving the maximum possible budget result for you!

We offer you!

We focus on the detailed planning of a seamless travel experience and are by your side throughout your journey!

Our Staff is fully trained and certified by IATA, develops every day and serves all your travel needs with a top level of service.

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