VIP Travel

In today’s travel environment, change is the only constant. Your Time outside of the routine for business travel is what needs to be properly planned.

From our VIP advisor and your travel agent, you expect immediate response, loyalty, confidentiality and a high travel experience.

Your trips should be as unique as you!

We guarantee you luxury conditions safely!

The Giovanti Travel’s Special VIP Team provides your trips with high quality services of business transport and traves for executives, VIPs and frequently VIP travelers.

Book your private accommodation with peace of mind and safety!

You can book your business trip with us and have everything you need to spend an unforgettable stay, through a wide variety of private villas, with immediate response that will satisfy even the most demanding VIP traveler.

There are things that make our services truly unique. From our dedicated and creative way of thinking to our fully trained associates, these are essentially the main pillars that make the excellence of our VIP services a reality.

Our services!

We ensure the excellent performance of our services to you!

Helicopter Services

Through a large network of helipads that Greece offers!

VIP Transportation Services

We offer you safe and timely transportation with our experience and training in the field of VIP transportation!

Limousine Services

Safe transportation of businessmen, executives, delegates and VIPs.

Private Boats Chartering

Choose from a wide range of private yachts and sailboats!

We offer you the following services!

Being aware that” VIPpeople have high demands, Giovanti Travel provides you with travel services, ensuring comfortable conditions with a sense of luxury and safety.  

Our Staff is fully trained and certified by IATA, develops every day and serves all your travel needs with a top level of service.

Absolute safety of your personal data

We cooperate with professional drivers who offer their services beyond customer’s expectations if you need a pickup within 48 hours.

Excellent support to make your transfer stress-free and hassle-free.

Fully Trained Support & Customer Service Staff