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VIP Travel

In the ever-evolving landscape of travel, change remains constant. Your time away from the ordinary, especially during business travel, demands meticulous planning.

From our VIP advisors to your dedicated travel agent, you rightly anticipate swift responsiveness, unwavering loyalty, utmost confidentiality, and an elevated travel experience.

Each of your journeys deserves the distinction of being truly exceptional!

Luxurious accommodations with safety & security

Giovanti Travel’s specialized VIP team offers impeccable business transportation and travel services tailored for executives, VIPs, and frequent high-profile travelers.

Experience top-tier quality and convenience with every journey.

Reserve your private accommodations

Partner with us to seamlessly book your business trip, offering an all-inclusive and unforgettable experience. Choose from an array of private villas, ensuring immediate and satisfying responses that cater even to the most discerning VIP traveler.

Our services stand out for distinct reasons. Rooted in our dedicated and innovative mindset, coupled with our expert team, these pillars form the bedrock of our VIP service excellence.

Our services:

We ensure the excellent performance of our services to you!

Helicopter Services

Through a large network of helipads that Greece offers!

VIP Transportation Services

We offer you safe and timely transportation with our experience and training in the field of VIP transportation!

Limousine Services

Safe transportation of businessmen, executives, delegates and VIPs.

Private Boats Chartering

Choose from a wide range of private yachts and sailboats!

What we offer:

Understanding the discerning needs of VIP individuals, Giovanti Travel delivers travel services that guarantee both opulent comfort and unwavering safety.

Our IATA-certified staff, committed to daily growth, is dedicated to serving all your travel requirements at the highest level of service, ensuring your VIP experience is nothing short of exceptional.

Absolute safety of your personal data

We cooperate with professional drivers who offer their services beyond customer’s expectations if you need a pickup within 48 hours.

Excellent support to make your transfer stress-free and hassle-free.

Fully Trained Support & Customer Service Staff