Leisure & DMC

We know very well that every trip has its own character, its own adventure, its own beauty. Our aim is to create the ideal conditions in order to transmit the feeling of joy and security to those who trust in us.

GIOVANTI Travel creates the ideal conditions for you to enjoy your trip to foreign destinations just like you have dreamed of!

An experienced team characterized by consistency and responsibility relieves you from any unnecessary stress with appropriate organization and care.

We create the appropriate conditions for your trip!

Having the direct and friendly service as its primary goal, GIOVANTI Τravel arranges all the aspects of your trips, thus creating the ideal foundations for carefree and delightful holidays!

We provide the following Services!

Our Staff is fully trained and certified by IATA, develops every day and serves all your travel needs with a top level of service.

Saving Money with the lowest prices

80% more time for reservations and management

Consistency in maintaining schedules

Fully trained Support & Customer Service Staff