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Luxury Travel

Luxury travel unfolds moments of unparalleled beauty, brimming with indelible images, profound experiences, and enduring emotions. Giovanti Travel meticulously crafts the perfect setting for you to savor your journey just as you’ve envisioned. With meticulous organization and attentive care, we alleviate unnecessary stress, ensuring your trip becomes a cherished memory.

Our devoted team extends high-quality travel services, ensuring an environment of opulence and luxury, where your every desire is met.

Dreamy Luxury!

Our experienced and specialized staff are able to provide you with high level service. This is a small taste of these privileged luxury services.

Book the trip of your dreams!

You have the genuine opportunity to reserve the vacation you’ve always dreamt of, equipped with everything necessary for an unforgettable and truly relaxing getaway. These carefree moments will etch themselves into your memory for a lifetime.

Embarking on an island adventure, you’ll find it takes just about half a day to fully immerse yourself in the serene island ambiance. The warm hospitality of the locals, particularly welcoming if you’ve recently journeyed from Athens, serves as the perfect antidote for relaxation.

Luxury Services that you will never forget

Tailor Made Itineraries

Our travel agents with deep knowledge of Greece will provide you with many travel options & experiences!

Private Boats Chartering

Choose from a wide range of luxury crewed yachts, sailing yachts or catamarans!

Choose of Luxury Villas

We are lucky to be able -after a long cooperation- to book the most luxurious villas based on reliability and trust!

Special Events- Receptions

The team of Giovanti Travel can plan any private event or reception for you, ensuring a smooth and carefree service.

You offer you the following services!

Our team has deep knowledge of the Greek culture and guarantees unique, exceptional luxury moments that will make your trip the most unforgettable moment of your life.

Our Staff is fully trained and certified by IATA, develops every day and serves all your travel needs with a top level of service.

Saving money at the lowest prices

80% more time to book and manage

Consistency in meeting schedules

Fully trained support and customer service personnel