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Marine & Offshore

Safe and Responsible Shipping Staff Transportation

At Giovanti Travel, we understand the exacting standards frequent travelers demand. With unmatched responsibility, we cater to esteemed shipping companies by seamlessly arranging air travel for their employees, crew, and technical teams. Our seasoned experience allows us to offer the most competitive rates, while our highly trained personnel and round-the-clock service ensure comfortable, cost-effective, and punctual transportation for your company’s staff.

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For over three decades, we’ve been dedicated to fulfilling the travel requisites of the maritime sector.

Our services transcend mere travel documentation; they embody an unwavering commitment to caring for our clients’ and their staff’s comprehensive needs.

Our Experience

38 Years in the Sea & Shipping Travel


98% client retention rate


100% responsibility and professionalism

Consistency in maintaining schedules

A specialized partner by your side!


Our emphasis lies in crafting a strategically designed travel encounter that leaves an indelible mark, all while ensuring your safety throughout your journey.

Comprising fully IATA-certified and continually evolving personnel, our team is dedicated to meeting your travel requirements with a consistently elevated standard of service.

Our collaborative network:

Crewing Agents, Maritime Loss Adjusters, Crew Managers, Ship Managers, Marine Engineers, Marine Surveyors & Electricians, Travel Coordinators, and Maritime Security experts.