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Having amassed 38 years of expertise, Giovanti Travel has firmly established itself as a reputable and steadfast presence in Greece. We offer extensive solutions for corporate events, maximizing budgetary outcomes for you.

Our adept team excels in meticulous planning, innovative concepts, administrative facilitation when needed, and strategic communication development. Our collective effort aims to ensure a flawless and assured outcome, with the ultimate objective of crafting an unforgettable experience for all participants in your event.

Giovanti Travel stands ready to assist you in making your mark and showcasing your potential. Whether it involves service-oriented presentations, product exhibitions, training seminars, collaborative group activities, conferences, or corporate meetings, we deliver comprehensive, top-tier services.

Our planning is meticulously customized to your specific requirements. This harmonious fusion of our expertise, experience, and elevated professionalism guarantees an unequivocally successful outcome.


To us, each conference represents a unique project, shaped by distinct demands from our diverse clients. Its intricate blueprint is exclusively crafted to align with your individual preferences and aspirations.

Leveraging Giovanti Travel’s extensive partner network and our seasoned team’s expertise, we collaborate alongside you, infusing inventive concepts and adept guidance into every facet of your event.


For us, taking on these demanding professional endeavors is both a challenge and a profound honor. We consistently strive to execute them with the utmost precision, surpassing your every anticipation.

Our IATA-certified staff, continuously evolving and refining their skills, is dedicated to delivering exceptional travel solutions tailored to your needs.

We guarantee the maximum possible budget outcome for you

Guaranteed quality of service

100% Responsibility and Professionalism

Punctuality in meeting schedules